Vehicle Shipping Services for Small and Large Vehicles in Calgary

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At Suzy’s Freight, we offer secure and ideal shipping to save on costs, without compromising on the safety of the cargo. We provide dependable vehicle shipping services using our 40’ and 20’ shipping containers. We usually don’t charge for the cargo itself, instead, we charge for the shipping of the container itself. This is a cost-effective solution as our custom 40’ containers can transport multiple vehicles securely to locations around the world. Our FCL (full container loads) shipping is ideal for transporting multiple vehicles, using the same bill of lading for all the items and accessories packed within the container, thereby minimizing the risk of misplacing cargo during the shipment process.


We require our clients to provide all the proper legal documentation for their cargo including the owner's title and details. You need to bring your own containers. We can pick up and transport ready-to-ship containers and also provide our own containers and packing services for your vehicles. In case you require secure storage of your vehicles while they are getting ready to be shipped, we offer affordable and safe storage solutions at our warehouse. Please feel free to connect with us for a free quote or to book a service. We will be happy to assist you and become your shipping partner.

We Ship All Year Round

Suzy’s Freight is capable of shipping cargo internationally for clients across Canada to any location worldwide.