Secured Cargo Storage Available in Calgary

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When freighting large amounts of cargo, secured storage is essential during the preparation process. Suzy’s Freight is proud to offer storage solutions that’ll not only keep items stored safely, but also make organizing your cargo easy! We provide safe and secured cargo storage for clients who are using our shipping services. Our warehouse storage facility can accommodate your goods as you continue to buy the remaining cargo that needs to be packed and shipped. We offer the option of storing containers that are ready to be shipped as well as allow clients to pack their goods at our facility using our customized shipping crates and other products.


If clients choose to pack their cargo at our facility, we provide a range of top-quality packing materials such as duct tape, security tape, bubble wrap, security locks and more. All these packing materials are free of charge if you ship using our services. Clients also have the option of consulting with us on purchasing our shipping containers, which are tailor-made for the type of cargo they wish to ship. Contact us for storage solutions for your cargo and containers that are ready to be shipped. 

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Suzy’s Freight can transport, store, pack and ship your cargo worldwide and also provide customized crates and containers to carry your goods.