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Suzy’s Freight in Calgary is an overseas freight consolidator providing safe and efficient freight forwarding services for clients who need their cargo packed and shipped worldwide. We can ship for clients all across Canada and our services ensure safe and secure transportation by land, air or sea, to locations around the world. We offer some of the best prices for the shipment of cargo to the Caribbean areas. We ship worldwide, all year round and also provide secure packing of the containers at our warehouse!


With the help of several types of containers ranging from customized 20’ and 40’ shipping containers, crates and various types of barrels, we are able to provide flexible and secure options to transport a variety of goods and cargo. You are assured of a comfortable and convenient experience when choosing our services. If you find yourself in need of efficient freight forwarding to the Caribbean at the best rates, call us and let us transport your cargo to where it needs to go. 

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Shipping All Items and Products

At Suzy’s Freight, we can transport a variety of cargo items including: 

Small and large vehicles

House items and furniture

Personal items

Office or commercial equipment

Food, grain and liquids

And more

Full Container Loads and Shared/Consolidated Containers

We offer clients the best means of transporting cargo that is cost-effective and secure. With the use of FCL (full container loads) and LCL (less than container loads) or shared containers, we maximize space as well as budget. FCL is a safe way to transport heavy-duty cargo such as multiple vehicles overseas. The use of customized 40’ containers enables us to transport up to 4 vehicles at a time, thereby saving time and money on multiple shipments. An added benefit is that all the items in one container are noted in a single bill of lading, minimizing the risk of anything getting lost or misplaced in the shipping process.


Alternatively, for clients that have smaller amounts of cargo, we offer LCL shipping or shared/consolidated containers where cargo belonging to multiple consignees is transported in a single container. This proves to be cost-effective and a great way of maximizing space. Our team will ensure proper documentation and tracking of all your cargo and make sure they reach their final destination safely and securely. 

Tracking Services for Clients

We strive to make the whole freight forwarding process comfortable and hassle-free for our clients. At Suzy’s Freight, our team ensures reliable tracking of your cargo throughout the entire shipping process. Our top priority is the safe and secure shipping of your cargo and we take the necessary steps to make sure you have no problems or concerns about the location of your goods when in transit. We keep you updated about your shipment.

We’ll Pack Your Shipment

Suzy’s Freight also offers high-quality packing materials for your goods. We securely pack cargo at our warehouse before shipment and can also pick up ready-to-ship items from all over Canada. If you choose to ship your goods through us, all the packing materials are offered free of charge. Packing supplies provided by us include:

Bubble wrap

Duct tape

Security tape

Brown papers


and more

If you need your cargo packed securely for shipment and also need safe storage until the cargo is forwarded, then consider us to get the job done efficiently for you.

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Unsure about the Right Container? Call Us!

Suzy’s Freight always makes sure that your cargo has the ideal packing and storage container depending on the goods you need to get shipped. We offer customized shipping containers that are tailor-made to fit your cargo. Before you buy containers from us, we always try to understand the details of what is being shipped so that we recommend the right container for your products for durability and convenience. If you have any questions or need assistance in choosing the right container, give us a call .

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