Food Grade Barrels for Sale in Calgary

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Food shipments require special barrels in order to safely lift and transport them without damage. Suzy’s Freight in Calgary offers clients top-quality food-grade barrels for storage use. Our barrels come in a variety of different sizes and make for ideal containers to store different types of food grain and other materials. They are suitable for filling, holding, shipping and storing liquid and solid materials. Our barrels have barrel dollies for easier transportation. They also have barrel locks to make sure the contents being stored are secure. If you’re a farmer who has issues storing chicken feed or other food grains, then try out our barrels. They are perfect storage units and are completely clean and sanitized to handle food items. Our barrels are also great for harvesting rainwater and storing water for future use. They can be used to ship goods in Canada and worldwide. 


Order our durable food-grade barrels for storage use or if you need a sturdy and versatile solution to ship your goods!

stack of blue colour food grade barrels

Variety of Barrels

Apart from being used for storage, our barrels are durable enough to be used as shipping containers for goods and can be transported easily to various destinations. We offer durable and reliable food-grade barrels made of various materials including plastic, fibre and metal. These are available in different size options. We offer the following barrel sizes:

77 gallon

55 gallon

17 gallon

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view of blue colour barrels stored in the open
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front view of blue colour barrles
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view of a food grade barrel
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Blue barrels stored in a warehouse
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