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Founded just over a year ago by Suzette Williams, Suzy’s Freight is a family-run business in Calgary. We ship cargo for clients all across Canada to locations all over the world. The business has grown two-fold in terms of space and has financially exceeded all expectations. Over the past year, we have had more family members join the team to strengthen our creative output and customer support, allowing us to expand further.


We have decided to incorporate community awareness, as well as working with our community, not just for our business, but also to help others whenever we can. We donate financially to local charities and we even helped a local resident buy a car.


Despite the pandemic slowing things down for everybody around the world, we are fortunate to have grown by nearly 200% despite starting off with minimal capital. We always reinvest our money back into the business to improve our service and customer support. Suzette would personally like to thank her mentor Ervin Hull and his wife Joslyn Hull (former owners of Sky and Sea, Calgary) for teaching her the business and for helping her get her first shipment delivered successfully. Suzette would also like to thank her husband, Ian Williams and children for their never-ending support in making the business a success.


We offer some of the best prices on the shipment of cargo to the Caribbean. We ship to the following Caribbean areas: 

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