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Suzy’s Freight is a trusted overseas freight consolidator based in Calgary, shipping worldwide.

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Reliable Overseas Freight Consolidator in Calgary

Looking for a trusted overseas shipping partner in Canada? Suzy’s Freight has got you covered. We are an overseas freight consolidator based in Calgary, Alberta and can ship your cargo worldwide. We are conveniently located (in the Northeast of Canada) and can have goods picked up from all across Canada to be shipped to the location you need them sent to. We aim to be a one-stop shop for all your shipping and freight forwarding needs. If you are purchasing a container from us to use for shipments, we can help you pick the ideal product for your goods and can even assist in the shipping process once it has been purchased. We ship all sorts of goods including small and large vehicles and also provide secure storage at our warehouse for your cargo while it is being prepared for shipment. We ship by land, air or sea. Our team ensures the safe packing and transportation of your cargo all year round. 

Transport crate and Plastic Barrel

Customized Crates and Barrels

We also provide a variety of customized crates and barrels for farming storage as well as for shipping needs. Available in a variety of different sizes, our food-grade barrels are perfect for storing grain, harvesting rainwater and are durable enough to be a shipping container for goods. Call us to get a free quote on our services and get a dedicated team that will ensure a smooth shipping process from packing right up to the delivery of your cargo. 

Calgary’s Ideal Freight Consolidator

If you want to ship with us, it does not matter where you are at, we will make it happen! Customer service is our top priority. We communicate with our clients to provide tracking from the moment we receive the cargo until it gets to its destination. In fact, we started the business with the aim of bridging the shipping communication gap and making the whole process better. 


Today, our family-run company has grown into a name synonymous with providing reliable overseas shipping and excellent customer service. We offer great rates, particularly for shipment to the Caribbean areas! With Suzy’s Freight, you can count on high standards of service, top-quality shipping containers and packing products and reliable freight forwarding at affordable rates. 

Our Services and Products 

Suzy’s Freight is Calgary’s dependable overseas freight consolidator, capable of shipping cargo by land, air and sea. We will make sure your cargo is picked up, packed and shipped efficiently, worldwide. If you want to ship your cargo through us, no matter where you need your goods to go, we can make it happen. Some of our products and services include: 

We ship 20’ and 40’ containers

Secure packing of cargo

Pick-up of ready-to-ship items

Customized wooden crates

Food-grade plastic barrels

Food-grade fibre barrels

Food-grade metal drums

Delivery of products

Four or more at wholesale rates

Shipping vehicles like cars and trucks etc

Why Choose Us?

Need more reasons to work with us? Get your answers:

We try to find out the use of the container before the customer buys it. We ask them questions so they can make an informed choice.

We provide shipping and packing services all year round. Our team ships vehicles (trucks, cars) and offers secure storage for clients to prepare their shipments.

We also provide a variety of barrels in different sizes. This includes custom wooden crates, food-grade fibre or plastic barrels, drums, etc.

Our Happy Customers 

Read our client testimonials:

Excellent Service

“We have worked with this company for a long time. They provide excellent service.”

- Nia A.

Promotions and Special Offers

Get in touch for our loyalty card promotion today! If you have ordered after the fourth barrel, after you ship four times with us, the fifth shipment is 50% off (only on barrels).

Professional Affiliations

Clients we work with:

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Freight Services Made Easy

From secure storage to cargo tracking throughout the shipping route, our team is here to make your experience easy.

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FCL and LCL Containers for Cargo

Our containers ensure your goods are packed and transported efficiently, at affordable prices.

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Safe and Secure Storage

Our warehouse storage facility can accommodate your cargo safely.

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Custom Crates for Sale

We custom-build sturdy crates, designed to keep your cargo secure and protected while it is being shipped.

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All Types Vehicle Shipping

Our FCL (full container loads) shipping is ideal for transporting all types of vehicles worldwide.

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Durable Food-grade Barrels

Our food-grade barrels are perfect for the storage of grains, harvesting rainwater and they are durable even for shipping cargo.